Dynaboot.com is dedicated web hosting provider based out of Cyprus. They offer full 24/7 support on all their servers and full control. Each dedicated server purchased is fully managed by the end user. This means that when you purchase one of the dedicated server, you are fully responsible for updates, adding software components and basically installing any software required to run your applications on the server.

They also have some great prices for making the upgrade from a virtual private server to a dedicated server. For a Intel Dual-Core Atom D525 will run you at $50 per month which is a reasonable price for a dedicated server. The data centers are based in Holland, Germany and the United States of America. Each dedicated server has a network speed of 100 mega bytes per second which is fast and just what you need for your own independent hosting environment.

You will also enjoy unmetered bandwidth and your own IP address for the server, as a bonus, DynaBoot also includes a free domain name with every dedicated server package. Moving up to the next dedicated server package which is the Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1200 Series. You will enjoy significantly more RAM going from 2GB to 8GB and two 500GB SATA2 hard drives.

Each dedicated server also supports a wide array of different operating systems, such as; CentOS, Fedora, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD. With full control and access to install whatever you want on the server, you can also build and install what you need to suit your needs. Another advantage to DynaBoot is they don’t not allow adult hosting on their services. Many other hosting prohibit adult web sites hosting with them, but not DynaBoot. Here is what they say about it “Adult VPS hosting is allowed as it is not forbidden by country’s legislation where our servers are.”

Managing your own dedicated server can be slightly over whelming to some users and for those particular users, DynaBoot does offer various monthly packages for additional managed services. The basic package will include services like; Operating System Setup, Hardware Monitoring, Faulty Hardware Replacement, OS/Kernel&Security updates. Where as the “VIP plan” includes advanced managed services for any custom software setup and assistance, they will also help setup and manage firewalls, SMS alerts, email alerts and more.

Having a dedicated server like this is great for moving your website to the next level, you can take full control of the resources. These advanced dedicated hosting plans will provide you with ample amounts of web hosting resources for accommodating your constantly growing web presence. You will not need to comply with other hosting users on the machine, because you will have the entire server under your full control. Each dedicated hosting server will grant you a robust hardware configuration, powerful server specs and stable network characteristics.


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