BlueHost is an esteemed web hosting service provider that operates from Utah, USA. It is not long since BlueHost joined the web hosting business, but in a very short period of time it gained enough popularity. It was founded in the year 2003 and till now it has more than 2 million satisfied clients whose website is hosted and registered by BlueHost. They have a 50,000 square foot establishment as their head office which has an excellent infrastructure and an impressive interior decoration.


BlueHost provides quality customer support from trained staffs and they also provide a 100% in-house service, for which they have a specialized team. They never involve a third party for their services and every part of the service is owned and controlled by the company and nothing is outsourced. They have their own data centers and optical fibers to ensure quality connection and the data servers are set over a large 20,000 square feet space and even the OS they use for the hosting service is a custom Linux Kernel that runs on their self-designed server.

Hosting Plans

The only type of hosting provided by BlueHost is Linux Hosting. They mainly have two primary hosting plans- low cost share hosting and the other is reseller hosting. The various other plans are secondary and can be classified under these two. The best web hosting plan, which is actually the low cost one, offers unlimited domains, bandwidth, hosting space and e-mail accounts. This also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee that is very useful for new clients with who lack big budgets.

The Powerful Reseller Hosting package is actually for corporates and big business and it offers unlimited domains with WHMCS that is powered with WHM, cPanel and Plesk. They also have a next generation VPS hosting plan that offers advanced SAN based storage. This package comes with a fully managed support system that will be provided by Bluehost directly. Next Generation VPS posting is all about having your own virtual private server that implements cloud technology and thus increases your flexibility and control.


Bluehost provides quality web hosting services starting at $3.95 per month. They have also got optimised hosting for WordPress which provides easy web designing features and assures that the service is fast, secure and simple. If you are going to take this package, this is going to cost you $12.9 for the first month.

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