StartLogic Hosting Review

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StartLogic is one of the leading websites providing hosting services in the world. Starting off from a small vision of a team of two entrepreneurs, this brand has seen growth in leaps and bounds to acquire over 50,000 satisfied customers and counting. The goal of the company is to provide small scale businesses all the services they require to set up a flourishing business online and build up websites to exploit the full potential the World Wide Web has to offer.

Google partnership

The company has a successful partnership with the most renowned browser in the world, Google. The web giant chose StartLogic as a partner to help other small scale businesses in their endeavors to go online. The program Get Your Business Online has been implemented in the partnership which provides the tools for allowing budding websites attract more customers as well as providing the necessary knowledge about the tools required to succeed in the business.


The company uses two centers for encoding the data, situated in Boston and Massachusetts area. With a total 2400 square feet area with thousands of servers and a gigantic petabytes of storage, the company uses a pooled server to access any file whenever requested. This allows the customer to receive the quickest attention of the first free machine. The facility has extreme security features and DC back-up for uninterrupted access.


The data is first parsed by the load balancers of the company and then sent to the high quality servers of the company which is then split into different application pools. This architecture is helpful as it allows the customization of various machines based on functionality and thereby, more density in each of the boxes which in turn leads to a greater reliable service. The pools are not fed by individual racks, thereby, even in case of a malfunction in one particular rack due to switch problems or power unavailability, the entire pool does not suffer. The machines can access any customer’s data and is clustered with another identical machine having ditto copies of the data which serves as back-up in cases of power failure.


The website offers three different plans priced differently to address each and every type of customers. The plans are named Express, Pro and Supercharge. The Express plan is priced at $4.50/month, Pro at $5.99/month and Supercharge at $8.99/month.

Take your business to a new level by a small investment today and reach millions of customers tomorrow. StartLogic takes care of all your problems and gives you the best options for creating a successful online business.

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