What is Memcached?

Memcached is an object caching system, which is used to increase the overall performance of database-driven sites by caching the queries and the responses between the visitor and the server. In other words, anytime a given page on such a site is accessed, the script sends a query to its database to request the information that should be shown to the visitor. If the latter clicks on a link to go to another page, the entire operation is performed again and this results in plenty of database requests and high server load, even more so if the site has lots of simultaneous visitors. Memcached “memorizes” this exchange of information, so if any of these web pages is requested again, the script no longer has to call any information from the database, since everything is delivered by the Memcached platform. Thus, the overall speed of your site will “soar” and you’ll enjoy more gratified visitors and they will be able to navigate through your site faster. At the same time, the Memcached platform “refreshes” its cache whenever any info in the database is changed, so the website users will never see old content.

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