InnoDB is a very popular storage engine for the MySQL RDBMS. It’s an alternative to the default engine – MyISAM, and it has got a lot of upsides that have made it the preferred engine for a lot of script-driven web apps, including Joomla and Magento, which have shifted over to InnoDB permanently. For example, adding huge data volumes will be faster with InnoDB, due to the fact that it locks only one row to complete a given task, not the entire table, which makes the engine ideal for scalable apps. InnoDB also supports foreign keys and transactions – these refer to the way in which the information is handled. Put simply, importing new or modifying existing data will either be fully completed, or will be annulled and the operation will be rolled back in case any issue occurs in the meantime, which means that the content that remains in the database won’t be damaged.

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