Experience cost-effective communication with GroupList: 100x cheaper newsletters

GroupList empowers you to distribute multi-threaded emails via Amazon SES at an incredibly affordable rate - only $1 per 10,000 emails. Break away from the constraints of expensive email campaigns and the limitations imposed by your host, all while enjoying high deliverability. GroupList offers the best value for your money!

Engaging, intuitive reports

With GroupList, visualize the results of every campaign and autoresponder in beautifully formatted reports. Monitor opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and countries with interactive charts and data. GroupList lets you export specific segments of subscribers from your report for targeted follow-ups.

Customizable client accounts

Are you managing multiple products or services? Organize them into groups or 'brands' with GroupList. You have the option to provide your clients with access to their own brand, allowing them to send newsletters independently at a price you define. Set monthly sending limits and adjust client privileges as necessary.

Efficient autoresponders

Streamline your marketing efforts with GroupList's autoresponder feature. Set up a series of emails in drip campaigns for automatic follow-up with your subscribers at predefined intervals. Or schedule annual or one-off emails on specific dates. Keep your subscribers engaged and your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Advanced list segmentation

Studies show that targeted email segments can boost engagement and revenue by over 25%. GroupList allows you to create segments for any list based on any conditions you define. Choose segments and/or lists to include or exclude in your email campaigns for optimized results.

Intelligent rules & webhooks

Create 'Rules' to dictate responses to certain events. For instance, set up a rule to receive an email notification when a scheduled campaign starts sending, or trigger a webhook when an autoresponder is sent. You can even unsubscribe someone from a list when they sign up to another.

Effective list & subscriber management

GroupList simplifies the process of managing and segmenting lists & subscribers. From mass import/deletion of subscribers, custom fields, single/double opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation pages, to thank you/good bye emails, GroupList offers extensive functionality.

Versatile custom fields

Create custom fields with GroupList to store more than just 'name' and 'email'. These fields enhance subscriber information storage, facilitate list segmentation, and allow for personalized tags in your newsletters, improving subscriber experience.

Automated bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling

GroupList automatically handles bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes in real time as soon as your newsletter is sent. No need for manual post-campaign cleanups; simply sit back and watch your campaign report unfold.

Brand-consistent custom domains

With GroupList, set up custom domains so that unsubscribe, web version, and trackable links will use your preferred domain rather than the URL where GroupList is installed. This aids recipient recognition, leading to lower complaint rates.

Effective housekeeping

Do you have thousands of unconfirmed email addresses from double opt-in signups cluttering your lists? Or subscribers who never engage with your emails? GroupList allows you to cleanse your list with a simple click.

Wide third-party integrations & Zapier compatibility

GroupList integrates with numerous popular apps like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc., courtesy of third-party developers. It's also compatible with Zapier, an automation service that lets you integrate GroupList with thousands of apps in Zapier's app directory!

List Cleaning

GroupList equips you with a powerful list cleaning tool. Whether it's inactive subscribers or invalid email addresses, you can purge your list with just a click. Keep your list optimized and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Email Templates

With GroupList, you have access to a variety of pre-made templates. Whether it's for an eCommerce promotion, newsletter, or a special announcement, you can find a template that fits your needs. All templates are fully customizable, allowing you to match the look and feel of your brand.

Split Testing

Not sure which subject line or email content will perform better? Use GroupList's split testing feature to find out. Test different versions of your email and let the real-time data guide your decision for the best possible results.

Subscriber Rating

GroupList's unique subscriber rating feature lets you identify your most engaged subscribers. This feature can help you target your most loyal followers with exclusive content or offers, boosting engagement and conversions.

Advanced Analytics

Get in-depth insights into how your campaigns are performing. GroupList offers advanced analytics, allowing you to track opens, clicks, bounces, and more. Use this data to refine your strategy and create more effective campaigns.

Inbuilt CRM

Manage your customer relationships better with GroupList's built-in CRM. Keep track of all your customer interactions in one place and use this information to improve your marketing efforts and customer service.

Multiple User Accounts

If you have a team managing your email marketing, GroupList's multiple user accounts feature will come in handy. Assign roles and permissions to your team members and manage your campaigns more efficiently.

Bottom Line

When it comes to email marketing, GroupList is a comprehensive, cost-effective, and feature-rich platform that provides all the tools you need to create, manage, and optimize your campaigns. Make the switch to GroupList and experience the difference today!

Even more features to explore! 🔥🔥🔥

- Supports ALL Amazon SES regions

- GDPR features only available in GroupList

- Translation ready

- Two Factor Authentication

- Mass add, delete or unsubscribe users

- Ready-to-use subscription form

- Fast multi-threaded sending

- Store templates

- Google Analytics support

- Google reCAPTCHA support

- Import lists without re-confirmation

- Send emails with attachments

- Blacklists for emails and/or domains

- Use any other SMTP services

- Use personalization tags

- Include or exclude lists to send

- Single or double opt-in & opt-out

- Adjust sending rate

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