[box type=”info”] Just because they offer web hosting services, does not mean you should use them. [/box]

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The first thing to know about Godaddy is they are firstly not a hosting provider. They started out as domain registry and have become the most successful domain name registrar. The web hosting should be avoided at all costs if you don’t want to wait around for task that happen instantly with other hosting providers. It is puzzling why Godaddy does not invest more in their hosting, they have millions of customers already. That brings us to our next issue with Godaddy, slow server speeds. As if it is not enough to wait around the undertake tasks and run through hoops just to login. Godaddy shared servers are overloaded and usually very slow.


We found multiple security vulnerabilities on Godaddy servers. Mostly stemming from Godaddy using outdated software. There were also holes in support policies that made it quite easy to perform a social engineering hack on Godaddy users. This allows a hacker full root access by pretending to be the account owner.

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