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When it comes to email, a critical flaw is reliability, and business users know the problems that can occur when email goes down.

When we tested Thexyz Webmail not only did it win our best email client award, we actually switched our email over to them as we were so impressed.

Business users also like to know that email is backed up in numerous places. Thexyz is FISMA compliant and perfect for government use as it can cut costs and save tax payers a lot of money. The archiving also backs up every incoming and outgoing email, forever. There is also a great search feature so you don’t need to worry about not being able to find an old email.

We found the calendar features really good and made shared calendars with our team members, appointments with third parties and recurring events. The managed of calendars integrated great with all our smart phones. Recipients of calendar events were also able to notify the sender with a response to whether or not they are going. One of the best aspects of the calendar, is the seamless integration between the desktop (Outlook), webmail and phone.

Another great feature to Thexyz Premium email is the instant push email notifications. Any iPhone or even Android user will know that they will have to refresh the email program to check for new messages. Thexyz Premium email, even without the exchange package has Microsofts ActiveSync technology built into it this means that you can get your email pushed to you like a text message.

External accounts were also nice and easy to add to the account. For example if you also have a gmail account that does not support ActiveSync, you can add the account the Thexyz and it will also pull emails from that platform too. It supports multiple external emails accounts which can further be divided into separate folder for easy referencing and organising.

The storage allotments with Thexyz Email were also more generous than any other provider we tested. For example, 50 MB attachment limits in emails! This equals around 500 jpeg images, all in one email. The webmail itself is not limited by a small amount of storage as are so many email services. With 25 GB and growing, there is plenty of space for many email attachments. This can also be increased for heavy users.

Many email users will be reluctant to switch email providers due to fact that they may have so many emails already saved. The contacts list may also be among the reason too. Thexyz recently announced a partnership with MigrationWiz, part of BitTitan and no longer handles free migration’s on site. For the modest cost of $9.99 at least you know your migration transition is handles by a professional team of experts that specialise in email migration’s.

The email compose window in many other email clients has been under a lot of scrutiny of late. No problem here as Thexyz has a great rich text editor and HTML support when composing an email.

Even comparing other similar paid email services, we could find a provider that came close to offering what Thexyz can. This is why the decision was made here at Web Hosting Dorks to switch over to them.

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