GreenGeeks have changed the scenario of web hosting and server installation as they have shown much concern about the eco-friendly outlook of their enterprise. They demand that they are the most eco-friendly web hosting service provider and they vary their words backed by a 300% renewable energy commitment. They provide three types of hosting which are Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Plans and features

Under Reseller Hosting Plans, they have five sub plans that shall be chose according to the customer’s need. In all the plans you can create unlimited number of accounts but the other features like the storage capacity and Bandwidth varies. The lowest plan is Seed which comes with a 50GB SSD storage and 500GB bandwidth. The highest tire plan is the Forest which comes with 200GB SSD storage and 2000GB Bandwidth. The price tag also varies vastly but the advantage is that customer can find a plan just perfect for his business and you can change the plans as your business grows.

If you have quite a big business and you are willing to have a very secure and quite personalised hosting support you can go for the VPS hosting plan. They have sub plans depending on the capacity of the virtual server and the memory range from 1GB to 8GB and you can enjoy a CPU with 4 cores. With every upgrade in the plan you can enjoy a higher bandwidth and the RAID -10 storage will also increase. The VPS with 1GB comes with a 25GB SSD and the highest one with 8GB Memory comes with 125GB SSD.  They have 4 different categories of powerful CPUs for this plan.

Ease to use

If you are worried about the task of web building and wondering how to make the website attractive, Hostmonster has the solution to your worries. You can work on a wide variety of website script for free.


The Reseller Plan ranges from $19.95 per month to 99.95 per month. In case you opt for the VPS plan, it will cost you $39.95 per month for the 1 GB memory plan but it will rise with the capacity and the 8GB comes at $159.95 per month. The dedicated plan is quite expensive and fit for big business and ranges from $169 per month to $439 per month.

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