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If you are looking for quality web hosting services and a trustworthy customer support, webhostinghub.com is a viable option. They have been attracting customers with there all time chatting portal that provides assistance to the customers round the clock. Customers also praise their domain registration and hosting system that is taken care in no time. Customers have been associated with this web hosting provider for years and they keep on renewing their service without complaining.

Plans and features

Webhostinghub.com has mainly three hosting plans for the customers, depending on the extent of services and privileges and obviously the pricing. The lowest tier plan is called the spark and it offers free domain and you can have 2 websites and for the database purpose, you will be offered 10 MySQL Databases. You can also enjoy a free advertisement of up to $50. You will have 5 Parked Domains with a total of 25 sub-domains. A backup support is tagged at $1 per month. Above all these, the best part is the Auto-install CMS from WordPress and in case you are opening an e-commerce website or a direct commercial one you can take the support of Auto-install shopping Cast from Prestashop.

The Nitro Plan is way better than the Spark scheme and here you can enjoy unlimited websites and databases. The free advertising budget rises to $150 as here you will have 25 parked domains and unlimited sub-domains. If you want a backup support, it will cost you $1 per month. You can obviously get support from WordPress and Prestashop. This plan comes with 5 free website transfers and you can choose your data centre. You can enjoy a 20% discount on the over-all web designing cost. Dynamo is the most premium plan where the free advertisement budget is $200 and you can enjoy unlimited websites, databases, parked domains and sub-domains. The backup cost is the same as the other plans. Under the Dynamo plan, Web Hosting Hub allows 10 free web transfers and gives a 30% discount on web designing cost.

Ease of use

Best customer care support among all web hosting service providers. They also bestow a money back guarantee if someone withdraws in between a billing cycle. They offer lots of free tools to buid and design your website.


The great starter plan-Spark is tagged at $4.99/mo. The Nitro Plan, fit for small business hosting purpose comes at a rate of $6.99/mo. The Dynamo plan that comes at $8.99/mo is for highly dynamic sites that requires high resources.

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