Start accepting credit card payments with Stripe and WPForms

For many businesses that have a website, the contact form could be the single most important element as that is where the leads come in. Maybe you are already using the advanced drag and drop form builder by WPForms 

If the time has come to start accepting payments online, it can be overwhelming to sort through the various eCommerce platforms and perhaps it may not be needed. If you have setup with Stripe, the easiest and most popular payment processer and use WPForms on your WordPress website, then perhaps the WPForms Stripe integration will be enough for you. 

Many small businesses have a website for the simple purpose of having a web presence. Once that presence becomes more established, spammers often exploit any exposed email addresses, making an upgrade to something like WPForms an increasingly important requirement. 

Now that a website is running with a great contact form and site, comes the question about accepting payments online. Many small businesses may be put off by things like setup costs, fraud, complicated systems, etc.  

The solution is simple. Stripe. It saves a ton of time on paperwork for setting up with a payment processor. Customers are often amazed when they get set up processing credit cards the same day. 

Having a premium website form like WPforms and Stripe is very valuable for a business, they allow a business to collect money for a fraction of the cost/hassle than anything else. Before services like Stripe existed, a merchant would have to spend weeks scanning, signing and sending documents back and forth. Some processor applications also include questions that you might not expect to be on a payment processor application. Questions like how far are all the people that have server access sleeping from the datacenter? 

Stripe does make it smooth and after filling out a short application form with some basic financial information, you will be up and running with Stripe on your forms. 

Accept various payment types

With the easy integration with WPForms it allows you to collect various kinds of payments, such as:

  • Payment for a product
  • A subscription 
  • Donation amount
  • Conditional amount based on form selections
  • Buyer enters an amount

No monthly fees and flat-rate pricing

Another advantage of getting set up with Stripe for payments is that they do not charge a monthly fee. You are only charged 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This makes it easy for a business to predict the pricing. 

Using Stripe and WPForms together is an easy and fast way to get set up accepting payments on a website exactly how it may be required. It can be configured to suit and can have a new user signed up and processing payments the same day. There is nothing else available that would allow such an efficient setup process for processing payments online. 

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