Start accepting custom online payments through PayPal with WPForms

As the world moves closer towards an online world, the need to get setup and accepting payments online is becoming increasingly more important.

With so many businesses offering many different products and services, with variations and types there is usually not a one size fits all solution when it comes to accepting payments online.

The payment form on your website is the most important part of a website for a business. What Annie Leonard referred to as the “golden arrow” on the now famous “Story of Stuff” video.

This needs to be as easy as possible for people to complete payment. They have already found your website, decided to purchase and now are about to complete payment. The last thing you want now as website owner, is to have the user have a problem filling out the form or decide that is too time consuming to complete. Resulting in lost revenue.

PayPal is great choice for many reasons, one being that most people and businesses already have a PayPal account. The other is that is easy to use, people like it because they don’t need to fill out their payment information each time they complete a purchase. It is also trusted by millions of merchants and buyers around the world.

More recently, PayPal has made improvements to its API that allow for seamless integrations into existing applications like WPForms. Getting WPForms for your WordPress site is great way to quickly to start accepting payments online with all the customization’s required for any business.

Conditional logic is your key to customizing payments

By enabling conditional logic to your form entries, you can build custom features such as giving users the option if they would like to pay with PayPal or credit card. You could also offer them the option to subscribe with PayPal or make a one time payment.

Passing users over to PayPal to complete the transaction also means that PayPal will take care of the security side of an online payment. This minimizes the risk for the website owner and helps the buyer rest assured that the online payment is secure.

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