Benefits and tactics to using the .ART domain to build a memorable website

As the world becomes more digital, so too does the art world pursuing artistic projects have allowed it to be smoother for artists, designers, and people to create online identities for themselves. This then introduces the challenge of ensuring your art will stand out among the amount of registered domains on the web.

A secret to standing out from the rest, stems in giving attention to the small details. One of these details, often overlooked, but offers unique branding potential, is the .ART domain.

Benefits and strategy of a .ART domain name

Establish your niche with a domain that already mentions what you do. A unique and relevant, artistic domain name can easily show to users what you are all about as an artist.

For example, it then makes it easy for visitors to guess what your website may be about when someone sees a domain such as or Because many .com domain names are already registered, it may be hard to find one that is suitable and available. .ART still has a lot of availability, this means you can likely find is available and not need to enter extra characters to the domain name, such as

Shorter is also better 

.ART is also 3 characters long, just like a .COM. There are benefits to keeping it short. Think about how many times you will need to enter your email address, as a username to login to websites when filling out online forms, and so forth. By entering fewer characters each time, you will take yourself valuable milliseconds that can soon add up to minutes, hours, and even days added to your life.

An example here would be the domain, which would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars as .com. With greater availability on the .ART extension, you can find shorter domains at a much more reasonable price.

Allow people to recall your name

By using a  .ART domain with your artist name, you can better improve your name ranking and help people better identify your website and name.

For example, one of the leading banks, Bank of America uses as its commercial website and for its artistic initiatives website.

Create domains for individual products

Perhaps you have a new arty product or service that you are looking to sell online. You can use a domain name to give the art its own unique web identity and minimize the probability of it getting left behind in the endless sea of domain names.

Let’s assume that you are a graphic t-shirt company that goes by the name of FastTees. You are now venturing into artist submissions bearing your most popular graphic prints. To promote the new range of artists, you can use a domain name such as

Make .ART targeted marketing campaigns

Any campaign with its own .ART domain name often comes across as more legitimate, it also makes it easier for you to redirect people to it from other websites. An example here would be to include your name or first name in your domain name such as

Protect your trademark

Some brands are simply registering .ART to redirect to an existing website. Here are some .ART domains that currently redirect to well-known internet brands.


Improve branding on social media

Facebook and Reddit contain plenty of links that come across as anonymous and can also pose a threat. These are usually strange links with random combos of letters, numbers, and characters such as

Now let’s say that you are a cat clothing brand called Peerfect and you’re coming out with a new line of cat t-shirts. You are promoting this line on your social media sites and forwarding people to the page on your website that showcases the cat tees.

Consider these two links:


Which of the links have a higher likelihood to be clicked on?

Using the new .ART domain extensions to create memorable links can truly boost your brand and help you make the most of your artistic activities. Dynadot currently has a special promo for .ART domain at just $3. Our affiliate link will take you to page and include your domain discount.

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