Folder Filtering & Mapping in MigrationWiz

The following guide explains folder filtering and mapping, and how to apply them in MigrationWiz. These options can help simplify and expedite migrations.

Folder Filtering

MigrationWiz allows folder exclusions and inclusions using the Regular Expressions (RegEx) syntax.

Filtering folders can reduce the time needed to index the items to be migrated. MigrationWiz indexes all folder names on the source first, then applies any folder filters. Then items in folders are indexed, so adding folder filters will shorten the indexing time needed to identify all folders to be included in the migration.

To configure a folder:

  1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account.
  2. Click the Projects tab if you do not see your Project listed.
  3. From the list, click on the name of your Project. Click on the Edit Project button.
  4. Click on the Advanced Options button.
  5. Under Filtering, specify a filter.
  6. Click Save.

A useful utility for testing RegEx is:

Folder Normalization

Here is how MigrationWiz normalizes folder names before applying a specified RegEx to decide if a folder should be skipped:

  • Case Sensitivity - Folder names are compared in a case-insensitive fashion.
  • Folder Separator - Regardless of the messaging system, all folder paths are separated with a forward slash (/) for the purpose of exclusion comparison, for example, Inbox/SubFolder.
  • Preceding Separator - Do not specify any preceding separator when referencing the folder, i.e., do not specify /Inbox/SubFolder but rather Inbox/SubFolder.
  • Trailing Separator - Do not specify any trailing separator when referencing the folder, i.e., do not specify Inbox/SubFolder/ but rather Inbox/SubFolder.

Filter Syntax Examples

FilterSyntax Description
^Inbox/ Do not migrate any subfolders under the Inbox.
(^Inbox$|^Inbox/) Do not migrate the Inbox or any subfolder of Inbox.

Folder Mapping

Use the folder mapping support option to map a Source folder to a Destination folder. For example, when you want to map the "Inbox" folder on the Source to an "Old Inbox" folder on the Destination in a mailbox migration.

Escaping Special Characters

Here is a list of the common special characters that would need to be escaped and what each one does:

  • ^ matches the beginning of a string.
  • $ matches the end of the string.

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