BlueVPS's Australian Operations Crippled by Major Storage System Failure

Web Hosting Dorks reports that the Australian division of Estonian cloud and web hosting provider BlueVPS is currently experiencing a prolonged outage that began around April 9 and persists to date.

According to a statement provided to Web Hosting Dorks by a BlueVPS spokesperson, the company encountered issues with the disk subsystem on one of their servers, which they were unable to repair. Efforts are now underway to replace the faulty components and restore full functionality. This server not only hosts client workloads but also facilitates the connectivity between BlueVPS's Australian operations across various data centers. Consequently, the outage has also disrupted clients' virtual private networks. The spokesperson added, "Once the hardware issue is resolved, we will restore the inter-data center connectivity."

Web Hosting Dorks has learned that the disruption affects fewer than 20 customers, though dissatisfaction has grown as evidenced by a couple of negative reviews posted by affected users frustrated with BlueVPS's slow response.

In response to the outage, BlueVPS has proposed refunds or the option for clients to relocate their services to servers in different regions. However, such relocations would necessitate new IP addresses, introducing additional complexities, particularly for those clients who need Australian IP addresses. The alternatives offered have not been suitable for everyone affected.

At this stage, BlueVPS has not provided a definitive timeline for when the issue will be fully resolved.

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